Senior Demo



Few years ago, The Iranian RoboCup National Committee introduced The Senior Demo League (SD League) aimed to encourage researchers to demonstrate their innovations and creativity in design and implementation of systems related to Control, Artificial Intelligence, and Robotics. Hence, for Iranian teams, participation in this scientific competition not only gives them chance to show their potential capabilities and talents but also helps the industrial companies to recognize their talents and support their efforts. Besides, teams from foreign countries are also welcome to participate and make this league more competitive by presenting their innovative ideas in the mentioned fields.
Participation procedure
Teams should consider these steps for participating in this league:
1-Team Registration (including mentioning Team Affiliation; The teams without affiliation should use ONLY the word “Independent” in the affiliation section)
2-Filling all information in Farsi in the Farsi section (just for Iranian teams) and also in English in the English section of registration.
3- Each team should identify a member as a corresponding member for being in touch with Technical Committee.
4-The Team Description Paper should be prepared with specified Template that is reachable from the website.
5-Team should provide as many related documentation to their work as possible such as technical specification, certificates, papers, videos, pictures, presentation files, and poster for Qualification.
(Providing a video of maximum 3 min from robot, actuator and etc. is essential for Qualification)
6-Teams can contact to technical committee with Seniordemo [at] iranopen.ir . Farsi Emails should send as PDF file. Email Subject should written in this format:
Teamname-Subject of Email@yymmdd                     (yy : year, mm=month , dd=day, for example 101204)
All file attachment should be named with this format:
Teamname-TDP@ yymmdd.pdf
Teamname-Question@ yymmdd.pdf
Teamname-Presentation@ yymmdd.ppt
Teamname-Presentation@ yymmdd.zip
Technical Specification Form
Registration Form