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RoboCupJunior is a robotics event for elementary and high school students that provides a consistent challenge from year to year, with very open ended rules. In the SoccerA and SoccerB events, 2-on-2 teams of autonomous mobile robots play in a highly dynamic environment, tracking a special light-emitting ball in an enclosed, landmarked field. Applicable rules for two variuos SoccerA and SoccerB leagues are available in the rules section.

All teams shall submit their team description papers (TDP) with the following format and a video (Max. 3 min. long and 10 Mb) to demonstrate their robot(s) technical capability for the related leagues within the specified deadlines.

The maximum allowed number of teams from each affiliation is three per each league.

Our motto for IranOpen Junior competitions is:

"It is not important to win or lose. Your lessons learned are significant."