Humanoid League



In His Name, the Most High

It is tried to use 2013 rules of  Humanoid League of Robocup. The latest draft can be downloaded from:


For qualification it is needed to have the following materials:

1- Team Description Papaer (according to LNCS format) at most 8 pages. The paper should include:

  • team members and affiliation
  • scientific charcteristics of the robots
  • hardware and software and mechanical properties including:
    • Localization techniques,
    • Object recognition techniques,
    • Decision Making,
    • Cooperation techniques

2- A web site

3- A video about 5 miniutes in mp4 format displaying the abilities of the robots such as:

  • kicking and shooting the ball toward the goal,
  • dribbling
  • standing after falling
  • cooperation between at least two robots

4: A pdf file, describing robot names, and the dimensions of the robot according to the rules. Use this template to write these information.

All robots are checked before the competitions and if they fail to qualify the are not allowed to participate.

Robots such as Nao are not allowed to participate in this league. Depending on the situation, TC may consider some advantages for the teams which have put more efforts to prepare their robots. All such conditions are up to the decision of TC.

At least one person from every team should be completely aware of the playing rules, and should act as a referee during the competitions. Every team should bring its own whistle.