Small Size Robot League



The SSL competitions will be held based on official RoboCup Small Size League rules (2013). The probable rule changes due to 2012 rules update from RoboCup will be announced to participant at most one month before the competetions.

Important Notice: According to 2010 rules, a shared vision system is available at each field, and teams must be ready to use this shared vision system. For more information about the system, please refer to the rules. For more information about the software (SSL-Vision) please visit this page.

Needed Information for Evaluation:

Teams who are interested in participating in small size robot soccer league must provide these information before the end of the registration period:

Team Description Paper (Technical Report):  Each team must provide a technical report about the current technical status of their team in maximum of 12 pages and in PDF format. This paper must comply with the league's TDP standards stated in the official website. Teams can send their submitted RoboCup TDPs as well. Only 2011 or newer TDPs are accepted.

Video: Each team must also provide a video that best demonstrates their robots' or team's capabilities. 

  • The minimum and maximum video length are 1 minute and 3 minutes respectively.
  • The film can [and better] be part of standard SSL game.
  • The video must at least demonstrate 1) The basic robot abilities (Like path planning and obstacle avoidance) 2) The cooperation between two or more robots on a field. Newcomer teams can omit the second item.
  • Videos must be uploaded to an external server (like team's web server or online file sharing websites). The link to access the file must be emailed to smallsize {at} iranopen {dot} irPlease do not send videos as email attachment. Please use this subject for your emails: Team Name - Video.