Soccer 3D Simulation League



  • Qualification Rules
  • Competition Rules

  • Version 1.0

    • Main Changes Since Last Year:

    • Games will be 11 vs 11

    • Field dimensions are 20x30 meters
    • All 11 players of a team should be running in less than 15 seconds when start.sh is executed
    • Start scripts for penalty kicker and penalty goalie must be provided
    • The player which takes KickOff should not touch the ball more than once unless another player have touched it
    • Each penalty kick should not take longer than 50 seconds
    • Home directory of teams will be read-only during the games
  • Remote Teams: You should send your initial binary to <hedayat.fwd _AT_ gmail.com> for the seeding round until April 3rd, 24:00 UTC