Soccer 2D Simulation League



2D Simulation ScreenshotFootball (or soccer) was the original motivation for RoboCup. Besides being a very popular sport worldwide, soccer brings a significant set of challenges for researchers while attracting people to the event. it contains a significant set of challenges for researchers:

• A collective game, for which more than one agent/robot is required to play.
• Individualistic (each agent/robot must identify relevant objects, self-localize, dribble) and cooperative (passes,  complementary roles) elements.
• A dynamic and adversarial environment, with moving objects, some of them rational agents that play against your team.

In Soccer 2D Simulation League, two teams of eleven virtual agents each play with each other, based on a computer simulator that provides a realistic simulation of soccer robot sensors and actions.
Each agent is a separate process that sends the simulation server communication and motion commands regarding the player it represents, and receives back information about its state, including the (noisy and partial) sensor observations of the surrounding environment.
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